It Takes A City

Accelerate your impact with help from skilled volunteers

An Unrestricted Resource to Empower Baltimore Nonprofits

At Catchafire, we believe every nonprofit in Baltimore should get the tools and skills they need, without having to go the extra mile.

Our capacity building program is designed to extend your team and expand your skill set with a massive pool of skilled volunteers who complete tangible projects and provide expert consultation in areas such as marketing, finance, and web development so you can spend more time focusing on your mission.

We are proud to launch Catchafire Baltimore, a project supported by The Catchafire Foundation. This initiative is more than a technology tool — it provides the framework and skills to support equity across Baltimore by empowering nonprofit leaders like yourself to decide what you need to sustain your work over time, giving you more control of your organization's growth and overall impact. This program is free to all nonprofits in Baltimore — simply sign up!

How It Works

Whether you need pro bono support on a project, or want advice from an industry expert, get it all done with Catchafire.
1. Explore Available Projects
Browse through over 150 proven projects and post your own.
2. Find Your Pro Bono Professional
Review applications from interested professionals and choose who you want to work with.
3. Get The Help You Need
Kick off your project and start making progress.
Two ways to connect!
Consultation Calls
Consultation Calls
Get on the phone with an industry expert to get answers to burning questions, brainstorm organizational challenges, or get feedback.
Work with a skilled professional to complete critical projects such as graphic design, website development, copywriting, database customization, and more!

Work With Talented Professionals From Around the World

Catchafire's virtual volunteering network connects you with passionate professionals across a diverse range of fields, from Fortune 500s to 1-person startups, all over the world.

Finding the right match is important. Each of the 150+ proven projects contains prerequisite skills and experience, core deliverables, and time estimates, so volunteers know exactly what is required when they apply to work with you.

The rigorous application process, which includes work experience, portfolios, and statements of interest, limits applicants to those who are serious about working with you. It's not a one-click application, and it shouldn't be.

You can review up to three applications at a time, and interview candidates before deciding. The decision is yours.

What Baltimore Organizations are Saying

“Catchafire is an invaluable resource that I am grateful to have the opportunity to use! The volunteers I have worked with are top notch, incredibly creative, helpful, and talented.”
Lynne K. Executive Director, Baltimore Hunger Project
“Queen Nefertiti created an outstanding infographic for our organization. She captured the essence of our organization and the outcomes we achieved in a 1-page infographic. We had several phone calls about what we wanted to convey and how we wanted convey it. We discussed colors and changed concepts. Queen was very flexible and receptive. She was a joy to work with and I appreciate that we had the opportunity to work with someone with such talent!”
Terrylynn T. Development Director, Youth Empowerment Society (YES)

About Our Approach

For a little over a decade, Catchafire has provided its platform to thousands of nonprofit organizations throughout the globe, bringing equitable systems of support to help local nonprofits maximize their impact and meet the needs of residents.

At Catchafire, we believe in inclusive capacity building that is more accessible and responsive, more deeply rooted in mutual trust, and more scalable to reach the widest range of nonprofits — with a special focus on communities that have been under-resourced and underrepresented. Because of our particular approach, we were provided the opportunity, alongside The Catchafire Foundation, to launch our platform in any city within the United States.

Through interviews with nonprofits and community members, it was clear Baltimore and its surrounding area already has all the changemakers (you!) it needs. The surest path forward to strengthening Baltimore neighborhoods is by bridging the gap to expert talent through consistent access to critical capacity building projects and operational support. You are the experts in your neighborhood and by no means do we want to change the way you advocate for your city, we simply want to exist as a resource to help you grow.


Get Started by Signing Up Today

If you have more questions, email the Catchafire team at [email protected]. We also encourage you to share this offering with any 501c3 in Baltimore.